Vortex Class Scout Cruiser

The agile Vortex Class Scout Cruiser

Features of this spaceship:

  • Opening command bridge bay doors
  • Command bridge completely lands and the crew can exit to explore
  • Transport bay lands with exploration buggy in it
  • The engines change their thrust vector for landing
  • Wings act as the rear landing gear
  • The command bridge is suitable for 3. The pilot, and two crew members (in hibernation)
  • The model is durable and swoosh-able, it will not break in half and has been built to play (or to display).
  • Instructions are available here


  • Two forward facing light positron blasters
  • One rotating (360 degrees) and swiveling heavy charged laser cannon
  • Two rotating and swiveling accutron sniper cannons


  • Two Variable Thrust Vector Quantum Vacuum Engines


There is a funny story with this one. I started building it 4 years ago. It all started with the LEGO® piece 47406, which I thought would be a great “nose” for a spaceship and I had one from Sentai Fortress set. So I started building it with the limited number of parts I had (at that time I was just coming out of the LEGO dark ages :)). Shortly after that, my two daughters were born. So I had to delay the construction for more or less 4 years with limited time to work on the model. And now, finally, I’ts finished! So I thought, why don’t I make matching instructions. Which, in fact, took so much time and effort to complete that I almost gave up.

Instructions are available here

Below are some videos of this cruiser. Fuzzy logic spinning: