Solo Class Scout Mech


Solo Class is born!

I wanted to make a small mecha and so I did. I named it the Solo Class, for it is small and agile and fits one minifigure seated inside.

  • It has fully articulated legs and hands
  • Really pose-able
  • Fully playable
  • Left hand has a manipulator-claw
  • Right hand can fit various items (blast cannon and double chainsaw are included in this build)
  • The cockpit opens completely and it snugly fits one minifig of your choice!

You can get the instructions for this mech for free HERE

I do hope you enjoy it!

Duality Class Battlemech

Here it is – the Duality Class Battlemech

Please scroll down for the description

The history

I had this obsessive idea to make a two-seated battle mech (where both pilots are on different levels. The sliding canopy (please see the youtube video ) was the most challenging part to make (the aesthetics of it to be exact). And I must admit I’m quite happy with how this MOC turned out. It’s very pose-able and I like it’s color scheme a lot, it’s just different.

The Duality class features

  • Sliding main canopy, opening top canopy
  • 2 pilots (pilot and gunner)
  • Multi-position JET booster engines
  • Auto-cannon which can fold on the back of the mech
  • Minigun pistol (fits both arms)
  • Fully playable!

The instructions for this mech are available HERE

This is a full overview of this battle mech on Youtube – check it out!

And this is a 360 rotating video:

Hope you like this MOC. If you missed this before,
the instructions for this mech are available HERE