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Hello Dear visitors and LEGO® MOC fans!

This is the first post on a (hopefully) long journey to document my creations from LEGO® bricks. I have always been fascinated by mecha, space, and sci-fi. Some 4 years ago I rediscovered my passion of creating using LEGO® bricks and it seems that it has been growing ever since.

A lot has changed since 1997(the year that I stopped playing with LEGO® because I was “too old” for it),  so many bricks to choose from and such a big community to learn from. In this blog I will post all sorts of LEGO® Mocs, pictures and instructions. God knows, maybe I’ll even add a review or whatever comes to my mind :). I’ve also created a YouTube channel, which you can visit here

Thanks for reading and keep creating!

Yours truly,


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