Duality Class Battlemech Instructions

The instructions for this battlemech are in PDF format. Here are some sample images of the instructions.

NEW! Also, included is a Bricklink Stud.io model file. All parts in this model have been reviewed using this program, so there would be no problem ordering them from Bricklink (just upload the .IO file to bricklink and add the parts to wanted list!). You can find the software at Bricklink’s official website.

Summing up upon your purchase you will receive:

  • Detailed PDF Instructions (Color) with notes and explanations
  • Stud.io file with all parts checked
  • LDD file

The files will be sent via a link through email. This purchase does not contain any physical bricks or printed material, it’s all digital.

If you would like to see more pictures or videos of this battlemech, click HERE.