Hello world!

My name is Thad, also known as “Verloc”. And this is my personal site, where I post all sorts of creations made of LEGO® bricks. I am an avid AFOL and I would consider myself a master builder. I’m mainly into sci-fi, space, mecha and that sort of stuff, but sometimes I also build some houses or castles for my daughters 🙂

Like many adult LEGO fans, I started as a child in 1988 and at that time I had only soviet construction sets. Then, after the fall of soviet union LEGO® was introduced to my country. And it was ridiculously expensive. I was lucky and apparently quite good at building with bricks, so I won several competitions organised by LEGO® in early 90’s and in doing so I saved a lot of money for my parents. In 1997 I quit playing with LEGO bricks, because I was “too old” for it.

In 2013 I rediscovered my lost passion and have been “discovering” it ever since. And this passion led me to this site. I do hope you enjoy it.

Thank you for visiting!

Thad [Verloc]

P. S. Verloc Corporation is a company I have created for sheer fun of having owning a Corporation 🙂

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